Gardening Storage Shelf from a Pallet

Here is a project that I made several years ago for my storage shed. I took an old pallet and created a storage shelf that I hung on the inside of my shed. The storage shelf has shelves to store pots and chemicals, hooks to hang tools and hats on and a small storage drawer for smaller items.

The nice thing about this project was that I didn't need to do much construction to build it. I removed several boards from one side of the pallet and those pieces were recycled into shelves and drawers.
Easy to make and great storage!

Happy Gardening!

Fairy Houses from Recycled Terracotta Flower Pots

Here is an easy project to make for your garden. I had been looking for fairy houses for my miniature garden. Most were the wrong size, expensive, would not hold up long or not what I was looking for. After doing some research on the Internet on flower pot fairy houses, I did not find much available in ideas.

These fairy houses were made by recycling old terracotta flower pots. I used broken flower pot rims for the porch roof of the houses. The doors were purchased online from a hobby store for a great price, saving painting time. I used small plastic plants for the vines on the houses along with rocks, sticks, moss and other found objects.

I found old orchid pots were nice to use because of the slots on the side of the pots that become instant windows for the fairy house. Roofing materials for two of the houses was used coco liner for hanging baskets and moss for the other house. Make sure you use heavy duty outdoor construction glue to keep all pieces together and lots of imaginat…

Drip Irrigation for the Garden

The last two years were hard on my garden. We did not get much rain and I spent lots of time pulling garden hoses around the garden. This past winter was mild in my Zone 7 garden and a great time to install drip irrigation. It was a very easy project to do and like most things, after I installed it we started getting regular rain. It was still a good decision and I know I will still get plenty of use out of the system.

I installed a Rain Bird system. It runs from the house and down the hill winding around in two rose gardens and a perennial bed. The total system ran me about $175.00 to install and I still have extra lines and parts to install into other planting areas in the future. I purchased my system online with 250 feet of 1/2 inch tubing and two expansion kits. The expansion kits included 250 feet of 1/4 tubing, faucet adapters, tees, assorted sizes in emitters, tubing stakes, bug guards and a installation tool.

After I ran the 1/2 inch line around in the garden, I then starte…

The New Greenhouse

One of my new projects for the garden was the construction of a greenhouse. Due to living on a mountain, my gardens has very limited level areas. I decided that I wanted a much smaller greenhouse than the 11 x 15 foot heated greenhouse that I once had. I needed a greenhouse for potting, starting seeds and propagation. The new greenhouse is only 6 x 8 and not heated but it will work for me.

I built the greenhouse on the ground and graveled the floor. It sits next to my storage shed and doesn't get lots of sun which is what I wanted. I can control my temperatures much better. I still want to add a potting table and additional shelving.

The greenhouse is a Palram greenhouse. It was easy to build and the instructions were easy to follow. I built it by myself over a three day period. It took around a total of 8 hours for one person to build.
It has an aluminum frame with advanced 4 mm twin polycarbonate roof that reduces solar UV by 99.9%. It came with a 5 year warranty, rain gutters …

Spring in the Garden - 2017

This year is starting out to be a great year. After last years drought, we are finally getting rain and the garden is growing very well. I couldn't be more pleased. I thought I would bring you up to date on how the garden has changed in one year and the progress I have been making. In the upper picture you can see that I have added a walkway down to a new area which is the new rose garden. I had to remove lots of mountain laurel to open this area up. Off to the right and behind the shed is a small secret garden.
You can see the new shed that was added last year and a tree rose that is now in bloom.

The pathways were all graveled  including the new path that leads from the back of the house, up the hill and to the front of the house.

I currently have two rose gardens and both had drip irrigation added during the winter. The roses are starting to show lots of blooms.

This is the new perennial cutting garden and this year it is growing very well.

I have added lots of daylilies to th…

Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny'

Last year I received a new plant for the garden called  'Petite Jenny'. Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny' is an early bloomer with masses of pink flowers. This past year we were in drought and the plant did not bloom and I was hoping it would just survive the lack of rain. Now that we are into spring the rain has been good and 'Petite Jenny' really put on a show of blooms and continues to bloom. 

'Petite Jenny' is a double-flowered dwarf of  'Jenny' which is an introduction fromBlooms ofBressingham. The flowers are sterile and are a lavender-pink color on tall stems. It started blooming in my mountain garden in April and has been beautiful. The flowers grow on stems that are from 14 to 18 inches tall. 'Petite Jenny' prefers sun to part shade and in my garden she is in full sun. She  grows in zones 5-7. 'Petite Jenny' should bloom into fall and I look forward to having her bloom that long in my garden.

The last two years have b…

Love Those Camellias

Years ago when I lived in Indiana, I purchased two small camellias. They were very pretty and I had great hopes for them. I grew them in pots and then moved them into my greenhouse for winter due to the zone being wrong for them. They did well for several years, but then I lost both of them.

When we purchased our new home in North Carolina, I was happy to have several mature camellias  growing in our landscape. Each year around November, December and January they bloom. It is wonderful to have something blooming during that time of the year.
Camellias are shade loving, small shrubs or trees. They come in a wide variety of bloom colors. I have white and pink, but just added yellow and red and I would like to continue to add more to my Japanese garden. Depending on the variety, they bloom in early spring or late fall and winter. Camellias are long lived and have glossy green foliage that stays on the plant. They grow in zones 7 to 10, but there are a few camellias for zone 6. They nee…