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2010 All-America Selections Award Winners

If you have been waiting to hear what plants are the winners for the All-America Selections, here they are. For the Best Bedding Plants, Snapdragon F1 'Twinny Peach' and Zinna 'Zahara Starlight Rose' won the awards. Gaillardia F1 'Mesa Yellow' won as the best Flower Award. Viola F1 'Endurio Sky Blue Martien' was the winner for the 2010 Cool Season Award.

If you would like to read more on each of these award winners, check out the links section of my blog for the All-America Selections or Complete growing information, store locations and flower pictures are all available.

Happy Gardening and have a wonderful New Year!

The Creative Gardener

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Top Hostas for Your Garden

I love hostas for the garden! They add color in their leaves, flowers and some have fragrance that many perennial plants just can't offer. How many perennial plants do you know that can take sun and shade? If you have been thinking about adding hostas to your garden for next year, try these top hostas.

These are miniature and small hostas. The hostas in this container are full size. They are H. 'Stiletto', H. 'Blue Mouse Ears' and H. 'Lemon Lime'.

H. 'Gold Standard'

H. 'Praying Hands'

H. 'Gold Standard'

Here are some of the top small hostas on the market. They are H. 'Pandora's Box', H. 'Baby Bunting', H. 'Tiny Tears', H. 'Cookie Crumbs', H. 'Twist of Lime', H. 'Cracker Crumbs', H. 'Popo' and H. venusta. Some of top selling hostas are H. 'June', H. 'Sagae', H. 'Liberty', H. 'Striptease', H. 'Halcyon', H. 'Patriot', H. 'Niagara …

Recycled Garden Art Projects

It's always fun to take something that is no longer needed and give it new life as garden art.
The garden door (picture above) was recycled from cedar wood from a house remodel. The wood was cut into planks and with the addition of hinges and a old garden trowel for a door handle, you have a door for that secret garden entrance.
I just purchased a gazebo at the end of the season. The gazebo came in two cardboard boxes that were lined with these steel forms to protect the gazebo parts in shipment. These forms were already painted brown and were to large to set out for trash pick up. They are now contemporary garden art. I positioned them in my garden with butterfly bushes and assorted large grasses behind them. This spring I will plant flowers around the bases of the frames. I plan to add slate tile squares hung from chains inside some of the squares in the spring (yes, the tile squares and chain are being recycled from a home remodel). Watch for future updates on this garden proje…

50 Gift Ideas for the Gardener

Still trying to figure out what to buy for that special gardening friend for Christmas? Family members asking you what you would like for Christmas? Well, here are 50 gardening gift ideas that might help you out this season.

Hand prunersGardening glovesBird feeder with seedBird houseDigital cameraBird bathHeated bird bathGift card to a favorite nursery Soil test kitPlant CamGardening magazine subscriptionGardening booksGardening journalHeat mat for starting those seedlingsGardening knifePlant grow light systemSeed starting kitAmaryllis bulbGarden benchGarden kneeler Pond making kitGarden spinnerGarden chimesArborGardening note cardsGardening 2010 calendarComposter for the garden or just the kitchenWatering canStepping stone kitGardening coffee cupSquirrel feederGarden artTable top fountain or a large garden fountainHand lotionPlant markersHerb garden for the kitchenSolar lights or 12 volt lights for the gardenGarden muck shoesGarden related T-shirtGarden related Christmas ornament for…

Fungus Gnats in Your House Plants?

It is winter and cold outside and those pesky little bugs that you thought would be dead by now are now enjoying the warmth inside your home. What appears to be small Gnats are Fungus Gnats. Fungus Gnats are found in the soil of the house plants that you moved back inside your home for the winter or the soil that you purchased to repot plants. Fungus Gnats are about 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. They have light gray to clear wings and are poor fliers. They have slender legs and resemble small mosquitoes. Their antennae are longer than their head. They have a four part life cycle of egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult is fairly easy to kill but the egg, larva and pupa stage are harder to control since they are hidden in the soil that your plant is growing in. Fungus Gnats can produce many generations in one year. The adult lives for 7 days and the eggs hatch in 4 days. Fungus Gnats feed on roots and organic matter in your house plant containers and you will always find them sitting in the …

Designing the Garden

It's that time of year when the garden is at rest for awhile. The days of weeding, grass cutting, clean up and pruning have now ended for the year. You are glad the growing season is over with, but you still wish you could be working in the garden. This is a great time to do a different sort of gardening. With all the leaves off your trees and shrubs and the perennials and annuals cut back, you can see the "bare bones" of your garden. Now is the perfect time to start planning for next year's garden. If you are planning a large garden or just redesigning a garden, here are ten suggestions for making the task easier. Purchase a digital camera to take pictures of your garden. The photos remind you where plants are located, plant colors and how your garden has changed from year to year. Use these photos in laying out your garden design.Collect pictures from magazines and books on garden ideas, garden plans, interesting plants and other items that you might want in your ga…

Winter Comes to the Garden

Welcome to "Sycamore Gardens"

This morning we awoke to our first snow fall for the season. Nothing like a brisk walk in the garden in winter to enjoy mother nature and all her beauty.

The Japanese Garden


Blue Atlas Cedar

The Woodland and Hydrangea Garden

Happy Gardening! The Creative Gardener