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Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived in my North Carolina garden and it has been exciting watching the garden come to life. Most of the plants that I moved and planted are breaking ground. Each day something new in the garden appears. I have been cleaning out new garden sites and discovering plants that I did not know were in the garden. I was delighted to find that the two dogwoods in the front yard were actually four dogwoods and two are white and two are pink. The front of the house will look great when they are in full bloom. The top picture shows the first of the dogwoods starting to blooming.

I have cleaned out one new garden site and given it a Japanese garden design. I continue to add stone to the site and I have planted several different colors of azaleas and camellias to this area.

I have been adding rock to the creek bed area and collecting moss to age the area and the Japanese garden.
We are having the wood retaining wall removed and replaced next week. That should improve the look of the…