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Critters, Drought and Gardening

Gardening this year has been interesting. I have been spending time working on the hardscape and planting additional plants to fill out the garden. I had great expectations for the garden this year and I hoped I would see blooms and good growth, but Mother Nature has not been helping.

The area that I live in is a thermal belt with cooler summers and warmer winters and normally 56 inches of rain per year. That works out to be 1 inch plus per week. Not this year. Spring did not bring lots of rain and my plants did not grow as tall as they should have. We are now in a moderate drought and each day they forecast rain, but it just does not come. The temperature and humidity is really high and it is not pleasant to be outside. I have been watering to keep the garden alive.

The deer have found my garden and one deer did lots of damage to hostas, lilies, roses, hydrangeas and containers of annuals. I am now spraying the garden to keep the deer out. The pictures show the deer damage to my p…

Chinese Lizard's Tail

The other day, I was walking in the park and I saw this plant. It was a beautiful clump that was about 36 inches tall and about 4 feet wide. In the sun, the white color in the leaves just glowed. The markings of white to green on the leaves was very unusual and nothing that I had ever seen before. I took a picture, went home and started searching on the Internet for the plant. After about an hour of searching, I found it. It is called Chinese Lizard's Tail or (Saururus chinensis).

The plant grows between 2 to 4 feet and can grow in the sun or part shade. It grows along ponds, swamps, marshes, and streams in zones 5 to 11. It produces a fragrant white flower from June to September. It is deer resistant and the bees enjoy the nectar from the flowers. This plant spreads by rhizomes and needs to be growing in shallow water up to 6 inches deep around a pond, lake, river or it can be grown in a container water garden.

This is a striking plant to see and much nicer than common green lea…

The Lure of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

Back in March of 2015, I wrote a blog post on the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. My husband and I were visiting the area in February and we decided to walk across the bridge to see the gardens. It was extremely cold and icy that day. The gardens were down for the year, but as we walked across the bridge we could tell what had once been blooming in the gardens and that there was something very special about this place.

Since that time, much has changed. We purchased a home in Lake Lure and made the move to North Carolina. When we were in town, we would stop by the bridge and walk the gardens. They were always changing with the seasons and always beautiful.

The bridge was built in 1925 on the Broad River in Lake Lure. In  2011, the bridge was closed due to constructing a new road and bridge. The old bridge was turned into a garden with raised themed beds running over the 155 feet length of the bridge. In October of 2013, the bridge was dedicated as "The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge&qu…